AJ Junior Golf Tour


It is the AJ Golf Tour’s mission to grow the game of golf by changing the typical junior golfers’ tournament experience. We do not believe in participation trophies and understand that score and results are an essential part of the game, as well as an important piece in junior development. Our aim is simply this, to place students into a competitive environment where points and score are involved but are awarded around key areas that encourage the development of psychological characteristics of excellence as well as process oriented competitors.  


The AJ Golf Tour was created during the Fall of 2017 with the intention of providing golfers a level playing field regardless of their age, or ability. With appropriate length tee’s for golfers to play from, and a point system  rewarding factors such as fairways hit, greens hit, up and downs made, 2 putts, 1 putts, getting out of a bunker and more we really do help young golfers succeed and develop a growth mindset. 

More about the AJ Junior Golf Tour

Our Come and compete for an opportunity to earn prizes for being the Point Leader, Most Effort, Best Attitude, Sportsmanship, and Most Improved. 

Important Information

All events are located at Governors Towne Club, and tee times will be between 3PM and 3:30PM. Exact tee times will be emailed directly to players and parents the evening before the event.

AJ Golf Tour Fall Dates:

Fall Schedule:

September 16th

October 21st

December 2nd



Governors Towne Club Members: $25.00 per person

Non-Members of Governors Towne Club: $40.00 per person


Private Golf Lessons

Our private lessons are constructed based on how people, at their different level of ability, learn. Not all lessons are the same, and not all of them will result in using the same technological devices. A mixture of providing just enough information, and implementing the right number of changes make up the overall delivery of private lessons.

Junior Golf Camps

When it comes to learning the game of golf, nothing is quite like the AJ Junior Golf Camps. With us it’s about two things—golf improvement and fun. Our friendly, certified Golf professionals provide a supportive and safe environment for your children to improve their golf game. We teach golf’s etiquette, and its techniques in a way that lets your kids be kids, which is the most important part of it all.

Private Golf Programs

Our private junior golf programs were formed on the science of how people learn. As much as we understand how important it is to make lessons fun and enjoyable, we know that without progress individuals will not be fulfilled. We strive to keep an energetic vibe, and an upbeat tempo in our golf lessons, whilst getting across vital elements of golf to enhance performance.