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junior golfer with coach
At AJ Golf Academy, junior golf lessons are what we do best. Our three coaches, Arick Zeigel, Iain Highfield, Matthew Cooke and Christie Blaurock, are specialists in the long-term development of youth in sports. AJ Golf Academy has created a fun and engaging training environment where juniors will be exposed to active problem solving as they train in a fashion that helps prepare them for the golf...

PXG has announced the launch of their new PXG 0311 GEN2 Irons. Available in four collections, the clubs are designed to deliver unmatched performance for golfers at every level of the game. The new clubs seek to dispel the myth that the PXG’s price point means they’re only beneficial to golfers of an advanced level with the introduction of the new Super Game Improvement (SGI) line. The clubs are also offered in the Tour (T,) Players (P,) and Xtreme Forgiveness (XF) collections.

Once upon a time it was believed that feedback that was very specific, detailed, and as fast as possible had the greatest impact on learning, which is how private lessons work. Now (in 2017) we have so much more information - we know that is not the case.