Adult Golf Lessons Program

Our adult golf lessons contain everything any level golfer would need to improve their game. Whether a new beginner golfer trying to hit the golf ball for the first time, or a well-versed experienced golfer just trying to minimize that fade or draw, AJ golf academy provides the right adult golf lesson for both. As difficult as this game is, with the right type of coaching it can be much easier to understand, and play. 


With our holistic approach to teaching the game, and our comprehensive knowledge of the game, we value your learning journey just as much as the final destination. We take as much pride in seeing our golfers finally grasp that one key component their game has been missing as we do watching our players win their first tournament. Our goal is to help our golfers reach their goals as quickly as possible, but not before they’ve firmly grasped the fundamental concepts that will lead to continued success. 


AJ Golf Academy Junior Golf Lessons

 It is extremely important to us that golfers take golf lessons that best suit their needs. When it comes to golf instruction, we focus on the person, not just the golfer. People aren’t machines. We don’t expect our golfers to fit a mold. We embrace the uniqueness of our golfers. At AJ Academy, each program, each golf lesson, every instruction, is designed to cater to the individual. 
Our kid specific golf lesson program offers instruction designed to instill healthy habits and a sound understanding of the fundamentals in young golfers that will they will be able to reference and utilize for the rest of their lives. We strive to teach the entire game, teaching each participant not only the 
fundamentals, but also the history of the sport. At AJ Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring a fun and creative atmosphere to foster a lifelong passion and appreciation of the game of golf. 

For young golfers seeking a deeper engagement with the sport, we offer instruction through our USA Junior National Golf Program. Here, fun challenges start to become more about developing an intense coaching regimen. Interested students are required to complete a questionnaire with the golf coaching team to make sure that the program and the instruction offered within is appropriate for the golfer.

For the adult golfer, a beginning, intermediate and advanced program are offered. To be eligible for golf lessons at the intermediate or advanced level, students will need to complete a skills test to determine if the level of instruction would be appropriate. Aside from the three levels of instruction, AJ Academy also offers private golf lessons and programs with instruction catered specifically for the individual. 


The AJ Golf Academy is about more than golf. With PGA golf teaching professionals and world-renowned experts in the coaching arena, we strive to transform every golfer we work with by developing their whole games, not just their golf swings. Looking at all the components that make up a golfer’s skill set, we strive to utilize all of our resources in order to give each golfer exactly what he or she needs. We believe that no golfer should be left behind; therefore, we always look to design programs, and the material within those programs, to facilitate golfers’ innate ability to learn and grow. Over our combined 70+ years of golf instruction and education, we have seen golfers struggle to obtain higher level skills simply because of what they are doing in their golf lessons, and where the lessons are taking place.