How to get speed into your golf swing?

  • Article Posted By: Arick Zeigal
  • PGA Performance Coach
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Article Posted By: 
Arick Zeigal
PGA Performance Coach
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I’m sure everyone is familiar with the golf phrase, “drive for show, putt for dough.” But what if I told you that it should be the other way around? Well, here’s why! Did you know that driving is 28% of the best pros’ scoring advantage and putting is only 15% when compared to the average amateur (Mark Brodie, Every Shot Counts). Ask yourself this, how much do you think your score would change if you could hit the ball 20 yards further?

For pros, driving distance is more important than driving accuracy.

For amateur golfers, driving distance is even more important

for scoring than driving accuracy.

Mark Broadie, 'Every Shot Counts'

Think of how many more opportunities someone who drives the ball 220 yards could reach the greens like never before. Speed is king in golf and with Mark Broadie’s, the godfather of golf analytics, help it is becoming more and more obvious. For instance, Dustin Johnson is not only the longest driver on tour, but he’s also the #1 ranked player in the world.

“But if you hit it further, you can miss bigger too” is probably what some of you are thinking. That may be true, but think of it this way. Who do you think will hit it closer? Golfer (A) who is 120 yards out of the rough, or golfer (B) who is 150 yards out the middle of the fairway. Having shorter distances into greens equals better approach proximities and more looks at makeable birdie putts. When you watch Dustin Johnson play his next event, pay attention to what clubs he’s hitting into greens versus some of the other players in his group. You might be surprised.

Now we’re not saying accuracy isn’t important. If someone comes to you hitting the ball 300 yards but can’t find their tee ball on the face of the planet, then yes that needs to be addressed. However, what the numbers have shown us is that “…driving distance is even more important for scoring than driving accuracy.”

need for speed in golf

Now, the question everyone is hoping will be answered. How do I hit it further? If you are junior golfer, the best advice to follow would be the same advice that Arnold Palmer’s father gave him when he was a kid. “Hit it hard. Go find it and hit it hard again.” Developing speed at a young age is massively important if you ever want a chance at playing professionally or even at a high Division I level.

For those of us that don’t fall under the junior category anymore, there is a great tool that has really taken over the market of speed growth and development in golf, called SuperSpeed Golf. SuperSpeed utilizes the research on what’s known as ‘over speed training’ and has been proven to show massive gains in club head speed and distance. Every day I check their Instagram page and see another PGA, LPGA,, or European Tour player with a set of SuperSpeed sticks in their bag.

I have personally used SuperSpeed sticks with students for the past 2 years and have seen some incredible gains in club head speed and total distance as much as 40 yards. Best part is, they have sets for juniors, ladies, and men! If you are serious about increasing your distance we highly recommend checking them out. After all, how many strokes would an extra 20 yards take off your game?

The Need for Speed in Golf
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