The Best Kind of Golf Summer Camp

Arick Zeigel Golf Coach
  • Article Posted By: Arick Zeigel
  • Head Golf Coach
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Arick Zeigel Golf Coach
Article Posted By: 
Arick Zeigel
Head Golf Coach
AJ Golf Academy

At AJ Golf Academy, we take pride in our summer camps because of one simple fact, they’re FUN! Whether your child is a complete beginner or participates in tournaments regularly, we structure the training environment to best suite their goals, and phase of participation within the sport.

Why are AJ Golf Summer Camps the right fit for your young golfer?

1) Fun, friendly and safe environment where kids can be kids and problem solving and learning are byproducts of training structures

2) Training structures enable each student to actively discover their inner golfer and athletic self’s through a fun and engaging Game Like environment.

3) Groups are built not only around skill levels, but also around your child’s phase of participation; are they there to socialize and make new friends? Do they have a deep passion for the game and getting better? Do they want to be pushed and challenged or are they simply looking to learn the fundamentals of the game? We structure our groups so that each individual’s goals are met and they are sure to walk away with a smile on their faces.

4) World class facilities and access to the golf course where players get to experience friendly competition, learn about course etiquette, and how to adapt the skills they’re learning on the practice facilities to the golf course.

AJ Golf Academy Golf Lessons

What does a typical day of training at AJ look like?
Campers will participate in an array of fun and friendly challenges and games in the mornings on the driving range and putting greens. We have designed these games to resemble something all kids love…video games! Each game is compiled of different levels, each progressively getting more challenging and demanding. These levels are specifically designed to engage campers in active problem-solving. How do I hit it over that obstacle with this club? Maybe I’ll try this…The Not only is engagement higher when you give them the opportunity to attempt to discover their own solutions but they also start to build important psychological habits such as resilience.

Our Philosophy:
Now it’s not to say that we don’t focus on technique, because we all know and value solid fundamentals. If a student is struggling with a particular level for example, our coaching team may ask leading questions to help guide that student’s problem solving in the right direction and if the student continues to struggle than an intervention of sorts will be put into action. Let’s clean up your address position and understand how being more in balance can influence our contact points with the ground.

There is more than one way to swing a golf club, and if you watch any Professional Tour you’ll see that quite quickly. That is why each session not only focuses on a key area of technical proficiency, things such as set-up, how grip can influence ball flight, and the ways the club wants to move around our body to produce better shots, but also allows the kids to discover what works best for them.

AJ Golf Academy
AJ Golf Academy Golf Lessons