USA Junior National Golf Team Program

5 student to 1 coach ratio
Students : Coaches

Class Duration : 1 1/2 hours twice a week (Developmental 1, Developmental 2, & Future Stars Program)

Training with students of similar skill levels and motivation creates a fun yet competitive environment where you are automatically surrounded by students that quickly become friends. Train together, learn together, grow together, are just a few of the many benefits to group training. Whether you are Developmental 1, Developmental 2, or in the Future Stars program, you will be surrounded by peers in an environment where learning and problem solving as individuals and as a group are byproducts of training structures. 

What is the Team USA Junior National Golf Program ?

When you combine our coaches’ knowledge on junior development, our strong network of world-renowned sports performance experts, and now the added support of the USA Junior National Golf federation, these programs are second to none. Each level has been carefully designed with the need of each golfer in mind to help them progress and grow as golfers, individuals, and athletes. 

Junior golfers who have made the shift into what is known as the second phase of participation, now have a deeper desire and interest in the sport and are now dedicated to enhancing their skills and that is why we place a strong emphasis on a more intense coaching regime. These programs are not for any particular age, but rather about the student’s engagement in the sport and desire to get better. Students that are selected for this program are required to answer a questionnaire with the coaching team to make sure that this program is right for your young golfer.

Practices for these programs start to take a shift from fun challenges, to a more intense but still engaging assortment of tasks and activities. We utilize all aspects of the training environment with a strong emphasis on training in a manner that represents what is encountered on the golf course. Golfers are now held accountable for their development, and have to practice outside of group class time, where they are required to make notes during and after practice, record results, communicate on activities, and commit to a more demanding coach. Golfers in this program are also required to compete, and keep track of their competitive performances, allowing practice time to be more specific and targeted to each students’ unique needs. 

We believe that golfers who are ready for this program should be spending more time out on the golf course, or practicing in a manner that resembles the golf course and that is why each training session will consist of one hour of training, and two hours on the golf course. Basic foundational elements at this stage start to turn into the players’ individual style and we aim to enhance their current abilities rather than produce golfers in a cookie-cutter fashion. History and research has shown us that at this stage, golfers must start to engage in more skill tests, challenging performance games, and competition. All of which are designed to provide a higher level of difficulty for the golfer allowing our coaching team to see in great detail the small aspects of a golfers’ performance than need to be further developed. 

The USA Junior National Golf Program not only looks to develop peak golfing performance, but also to mentor, guide, and encourage our athletes and most importantly, to make a difference in their lives.

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Junior Private Golf Lessons

Our private lessons are constructed based on how people, at their different level of ability, learn. No all lessons are the same, and not all of them will result in using the same technological devices. A mixture of providing just enough information, and implementing the right number of changes make up the overall delivery of private lessons.

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Junior Summer Golf Camps

When it comes to learning the game of golf, nothing is quite like the AJ Junior Golf Camps. With us it’s about two things—golf improvement and fun. Our friendly, certified Golf professionals provide a supportive and safe environment for your children to improve their golf game. We teach golf’s etiquette, we teach its techniques, we just do it in a way that lets your kids be kids, which is the most important part of it all.

Private Beginner & Advance Golf Programs

Our private junior golf programs were formed on the science of how people learn. As much as we understand how important it is to make lessons fun and enjoyable, we know that without progress individuals will not be fulfilled. We strive to keep an energetic vibe, and an upbeat tempo in our golf lessons, whilst at the same time getting across vital elements of golf to enhance performance.

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