AJ Junior Golf Program

7 to 1 student coach ration
Students : Coaches
Under 10's class duration
Class Duration
Ages 5-10
Over 10's class duration
Class Duration
Ages 11-16

Fall Program Dates: September 3rd - November 21st

Price: $240 - 1 Class/Week   |   $480 - 2 Classes/Week   |   $720 - 3 Classes/Week

Ages 5-10: 4-4:45pm   |   Ages 11-16: 5-6pm

AJ Junior Golf Classes dive deep into learning how to play the game. Taking a firm stance on acquiring knowledge and skills, it is paramount that every AJ Kids Golf class participant takes part in learning the game’s history, too. Fun, engaging and challenging – let your child experience kids golf lessons that have been designed to build the game’s fundamentals, while still having a blast!

AJ Junior Golf Classses. The Perfect Kids Golf Class.

Our leading junior golf coaches and network of world-renowned sports performance experts have carefully designed the AJ Kids & Junior Golf Class program. Knowing that most young golfers are here to experience a fun sport, we place the fun aspect at the forefront of this program. Junior Golfers between 5 and 16 years old can enter and be around other junior golfers who are in it for the joy of the sport.

What Is the Right Kids Golf Program for My Child?

Between the AJ Junior kids Golf Class Program and the USA Junior National Golf Programs, we have something for junior golfers of all skill levels, as well as all interest levels within the game. Plain and simple, the AJ Junior Golf Classes are designed to grow and develop junior golfers interest within the sport while developing key fundamentals needed to increase proficiency in all areas of the game. Whether a complete beginner or someone with more exposure to the sport, if your junior golfer is looking to have fun and get better without the more intense demands of the USA Junior Program, than the AJ Junior Golf Classes are a perfect fit!

AJ Kids Golf Classes

Fun, engaging and challenging. Let your junior golfer experience kids golf classes that have been designed to build the games fundamentals, while still making sure they have fun. In these kids golf classes, we focus on developing the basics, such as how to hold the club, how to stand, and many other areas of the game in a way that will transfer to the golf course later.

In this golf class, we’ll have approximately 7 students to 1 golf coach.

For junior golfers between the ages of 5 and 9, golf class will run for 45-minutes to prevent burnout.

For junior golfers between the ages of 10 and 16, golf class will run for 1-hour to prevent burnout.

Badge Testing

Assessments will held on the first week of the program to gather some baseline information on each junior golfers current golf game, as well as fundamental movement skills and knowledge of the sport.

We will retest twice throughout the kids golf program on the weeks of: TBD

Prior to testing, junior golfers must have a good grasp of the knowledge sections and the skill elements they are being tested for. 

Badge Test Process

In order to move your way through the kids golf program, junior golfers have to complete and pass badge testing. Each test will combine skill, knowledge, mental and functional/fundamental movement skills, that progressively become more demanding within each level. Each student will be exposed to all areas of the testing during training and the testing is simply a time to reevaluate their engagement and understanding of key areas.  


Golf classes are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Spring 2019 Dates:

Assessment week starts Tuesday, September 3rd, until Thursday, September 5th
Ages 5-10 from 4-4:45pm
Ages 11-16 from 5-6pm

Regular junior golf class starts Tuesday, September 10th, and runs through the week of November 19th 
Ages 5-10 from 4-4:45pm
Ages 11-16 from 5-6pm

Billing Details

1 class/week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday):

Program Fee: $240

2 classes/week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday):

Program Fee: $480

3 classes/week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday:

Program Fee: $720


Badge Levels

Private One-on-One Junior Golf Lessons

Our private lessons are constructed based on how people, at their different level of ability, learn. Not all lessons are the same, and not all of them will result in using the same technological devices. A mixture of providing just enough information, and implementing the right number of changes make up the overall delivery of private lessons. During our private one-on-one junior golf lessons we may utilize technologies ssuch as K-Vest, BodiTrak, Blast Motion, Foresight and High Speed Video.

Junior Beginner, & Advance Summer Golf Camps

When it comes to learning the game of golf, nothing is quite like the AJ Junior Golf Camps. With us it’s about two things—golf improvement and fun. Our friendly, certified Golf professionals provide a supportive and safe environment for your children to improve their golf game. We teach golf’s etiquette, and its techniques in a way that lets your kids be kids, which is the most important part of it all. During our junior beginner and advance summer golf camps we may utilize technologies ssuch as K-Vest, BodiTrak, Blast Motion, Foresight and High Speed Video.

Private One-on-One Junior Golf Lesson Programs

Our private junior golf programs were formed on the science of how people learn. As much as we understand how important it is to make lessons fun and enjoyable, we know that without progress individuals will not be fulfilled. We strive to keep an energetic vibe, and an upbeat tempo in our golf lessons, whilst getting across vital elements of golf to enhance performance. During our private one-on-one junior golf lesson programs we may utilize technologies ssuch as K-Vest, BodiTrak, Blast Motion, Foresight and High Speed Video.

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